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5 star rating

“Myself and my family (2 boys) went to Santa’s Merrily Muddled Christmas show and it was outstanding. All performers put in 110% and the show was creative and immersive. The children laughed and giggled throughout. I couldn’t recommend more. We will be keeping an eye out for their other shows because this was top class and worth every penny.”
Review from one of our Interactive Pocket Productions

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colourful spies at leeds castle
halloween characters at Leeds Castle
Spies trying to catch the classified secrets
Trails at Leeds Castle, Kent

Theatrical Immersive Pocket Trails

Trails are themed around the location and the seasonal or themed focus of the event. Narrative content, characters and activities can be bespoke in their creation to suit the needs of the venue/ company or hired as a set trail package experience.

An Example of Theatrical Immersive Trail:

Halloween Monster Mash Trail

A mystery monster is on the loose and their way to Vinnie the Vampire’s – The Monster Mash Ball to ruin everything. Vinnie needs the children to discover the identity of this monster, by solving the clues provided by his Halloween friends.

  • Outdoor Trail
  • 6 Performers – stationed at 6 different locations throughout the grounds to create the trail.
  • Children receive a map and activity sheet at the start of the trail to complete along the trail. Activity sheet can include additional activities such as a scavenger hunt and code breaking.
  • Children follow the map to find Vinnie’s Halloween characters. At the character stations, the children interact with the Halloween Characters and hear the riddles and tales that provide clues as to the monster’s identity.
  • Children collect the clues on their activity sheet.
  • Once they reach Vinnie’s final station, they draw their interpretation of the monster, with the help of Gloria the Ghost, before presenting their drawings to Vinnie.
  • Once the monster identity has been discovered, Vinnie celebrates the children completing their trail with party games and dances. The miniparty concludes with a visit from the mystery monster… who turns out to be friendly!

Interactive Pocket Performance with Workshops

The interactive pocket performance with workshops, is a 2 hour experience. During this experience, participants become fully engage as additional characters, whilst existing within the world and the narrative that has been designed for the event.

An Example of Interactive Pocket Performance with workshops:

The Bogbunions Academy for Little Witches and Wizards

Suitable for venues with separate rooms, marquee spaces or designated outdoor areas (that are suitable for all weather types). The Bogbunions Academy for Little Witches and Wizards, invites it’s young audience members to enrol in the comical and chaotic academy run by Merlin Hopkirken, the chief wizard headmaster. The newly enrolled students are engaged first with a short interactive ‘panto’ style play, followed by rotating classes in the magical arts led by the performers themselves, before graduating with a full celebration to conclude the whole experience.

The interactive performance and workshop experience can be repeated a maximum of 3 times within one day, depending on venue time allowance. Audience size: 30 to 60 Children (per experience – dependent on venue size.) For public events , at least 1 adult must accompany a maximum of 4 children.

Further interactive Pocket Performance and Workshop themes/narratives currently available:

The Ghoulash Family’s Monster Mash Ball
Santa’s Merrily Muddled Christmas (with Grotto)
Captain Hook’s Holiday Hullabaloo
Hatter & Hare’s Tea Party

Full Scale Outdoor Interactive

Monster Pocket Productions

For venues looking for full scale interactive events, we are able to provide entertainment that will keep visitors entertained all day. Our narrative invites visitors to enter into the world of the story, allowing young imaginations to become immersed in the magic. These events normally include larger casts of performers and run for longer.

Examples of our full scale productions (suitable for outdoors) have included:

  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Myths & Legends (including: Robin Hood, The Sword in the Stone, The Little Mermaid and Aladdin)
  • The Wizard of Oz
  • The Boy Who Never Grew Up (Peter Pan)
  • The Grimms’ Fairytales

All full scale Monster Pocket Productions, as with all our events, include bold characters with colourful costumes and props. Our performances are packed full of fun, magic, comedy, songs and dances. We understand that to ensure a family event is enjoyable for all visitors, the entertainment and experience must have something for all ages, including the adults!

tiger lily from the boy that wouldn't grow up

Pocket Perfect Productions

If what you are looking for is a stand alone production, then why not book one of our ‘Pocket Perfect Productions’ to deliver a more traditional theatre experience.

Our stand alone shows are traditionally 50 minutes – 1 hour duration (Depending on the production), and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor venues.

These shows are self contained and are generally performed by a cast of 3 to 5 performers. Many of our original show titles from our interactive events and trails, are available as stand alone pocket productions, as well as our new original stories and annual Christmas stories / pantomimes. Pocket Perfect Productions can be performed to large or small scale audiences per performance, and for this reason are usually booked at a set price.

It is possible to schedule 2 to 3 performances of a Pocket Perfect Productions within one day, at one venue. Making them highly versatile and suitable for any venue and circumstances, from a public venue to a school hall.

If you are interested in our Pocket Perfect Productions and would like to know more, why not contact us to see what titles are available.

New Show Titles for 2023

Lenny’s Monster Pie & Messy Mash Shop

Our new show for 2023 is an outdoor theatre experience where both characters and audience members are set to get very messy! Meet Lenny, the cockney chef, who loves his radio, and running his pie and mash shop with the help of his best friend Rocky the Giant Rat. However, life is not as we know it, as planet earth is amidst a take over by pie and mash potato loving alien monsters. Lenny and Rocky need the help of the audience to save the planet, and to banish alien monsters once and for all. This high energy and comedic original children’s show, is the perfect show for your summer theatre experience or season. *Mess and Ponchos* included!


For more information and examples of our packages – please have a look at our 2023 Brochure below.